Bone Grafting

A bone graft may be needed in areas where bone is missing. A surgical procedure, bone grafting replaces missing bone and aids in the re-growth of new bone by placing material from the patient’s own body or an artificial, synthetic or natural substitute into the area where bone once existed. The new bone growth strengthens the grafted area by forming a bridge between the existing bone and the graft material. Over time, new bone growth will replace much of the grafted material.

Bone grafts are most commonly used to restore or regenerate bone as needed prior to the placement of implants. Dr. Lugakingira is an expert and performs several cutting edge bone grafting procedures, including:

  • Simple socket preservation for bone maintenance
  • Sinus lift procedure for increase of maxillary bone height, with or without simultaneous implants placement depending on a case
  • Jaw bone ridge splits for increase in width, simultaneously with implants placement
  • Mesh and screws jaw augmentation for increase in both width and height
  • Jaw reconstruction using anterior iliac crest bone graft harvest when indicated
  • Bone grafting in conjunction with extractions, and simultaneous implants placement. etc.

The site and type of bone to be used varies depending on several factors. Please contact us for a consultation and see if we can resolve your needs.


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