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Bone Grafting Fort Wayne, IN

Bone Grafting

Restore Healthy Jaw Bone Volume

The volume of bone you have in your jaw directly impacts many factors of your oral health, including your facial appearance and the healthy support of your teeth. When patients experience jaw bone loss, eating may become difficult, teeth can become loose, and their face shape may begin to alter in appearance. Whether from gum disease, facial trauma, or tooth loss, losing the structure of your jaw bone is a significant problem that should be corrected by experienced doctors. Dr. Mulokozi Lugakingira offers bone grafting procedures to restore healthy jaw bone function.

Reasons a patient may need a bone graft include:

  • Jaw arch restoration
  • Jaw bone stabilization
  • Dental implant preparation
  • Bone structure maintenance

Preparing for Dental Implants

Bone Grafting Fort Wayne, IN

Jaw bone levels are directly related to the success of dental implants. If you have been missing a tooth for a long time, you may not have adequate jaw bone structure to support an implant. In this case, we can perform a bone grafting procedure to rebuild the bone volume. Depending on your unique dental needs, we may also need to perform an additional sinus lift or ridge augmentation to ensure your dental implants are secure and heal properly. Dr. Lugakingira is currently one of a few doctors in the Fort Wayne area specially trained in PIEZOSURGERY®, a bone surgery procedure that is less invasive than traditional methods for increased patient comfort and faster healing.


Bone Grafting

How it Works

Benefits of BMP

We commonly incorporate Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) into our bone grafting procedures. BMP is an FDA-approved manufactured protein that mimics the natural BMP in the human body. This protein works to grow bone at the bone grafting or sinus augmentation site, often eliminating the need for using material from other parts of the body or a donor source. During the next few months, this protein will interact with your existing jaw bone to grow new bone structure strong enough to support a dental implant.

Comfortable, Painless Procedures

+When performed by highly trained oral surgeons like Drs. Lugakingira, bone grafting procedures can be comfortable and painless for you. Through their expertise and knowledge of your jaw bone structure, your procedure will be minimally invasive and provide you with the necessary oral health benefits you need for jaw bone preservation and dental implant placement. To ensure your experience is relaxed and stress-free, we offer sedation options that fit your dental needs.

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