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Guided Implant Surgery Fort Wayne, IN

Guided Implant Surgery

Accurate, Predictable Results

The success of dental implants relies heavily on the skill of the doctor who plans and performs the procedure. Traditionally, manually placing an implant was the only option, guided by the images shown in 2D conventional x-rays. Today, with the help of sophisticated dental technology like i-CAT® 3D Cone Beam CT imaging technology and surgical guides, room for error is virtually eliminated, providing patients with consistently accurate and predictable results. Dr. Mulokozi Lugakingira combines his expertise and knowledge in implant placement along with this technology to place highly aesthetic dental implants.

The Advantage of 3D Imaging

Guided Implant Surgery Fort Wayne, IN

The i-CAT 3D Cone Beam CT technology creates detailed 3D images of critical interior parts of your mouth, including the height and width of the jaw bone, the surrounding gum tissue, and any nerves or sinus cavities that may complicate a dental implant placement. Viewing the entire mouth three-dimensionally not only allows us to visualize and predict complications, but precisely plan out every step of your dental implant procedure before even beginning surgery. This imaging virtually eliminates guesswork from the entire process, from diagnosis and treatment planning to the surgery itself.



The Most Comprehensive 3D Treatment Solution

Surgical Guides for Increased Accuracy

Dr. Lugakingira also utilizes guided implant surgery to guarantee accurate placement of your dental implant. Based on the 3D images collected from our Cone Beam scan, a surgical guide is created that rests snuggly over the surgery site. This guide holds two purposes: to ensure the dental implant is placed in the precise location and to act as a barrier for accurate depth control when drilling the cavity before the implant is placed. This technology not only helps simplify the dental implant process, but improves patient satisfaction by providing a safer, more predictable, and less invasive option than conventional methods.

Even with the availability of advanced technology, a dental implant will only be successful if the doctor understands the anatomy of the mouth and teeth, how to customize treatment planning, and how to use technology in conjunction with their personal expertise in dental implant placement. Dr. Lugakingira places dental implants on a weekly basis, fusing the knowledge of this advanced technology into their treatment planning to bring the most accurate, functional, and aesthetic outcomes for you.

We use surgical guides in almost all implant placement procedures to provide you with a host of benefits:

  • Precise implant placement
  • Digital 3D imaging
  • Minimally-invasive care
  • Functionally-driven results
  • Simplified procedure process
  • Shorter recovery time

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