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Debbie Fort Wayne, IN

Debbie's Story

DebbieDebbie Shares Her Experience with Dental Crowns & Implants

What Brought You Into the Fort Wayne Center?

I had a crown that came off. I had crowns on both of my front teeth, upper front, and the one came off. I went to my regular dentist and he said: “you’re going to need to do something more drastic than just crowns, another crown isn’t going to work.”

Debbie Fort Wayne, IN
Instantly when I came in I knew Dr. Luga was my guy to do my implants on my two front teeth.

What Treatment Did You Receive?

He had to replace some bone because I had a split in the middle of my two front teeth as a child. He wanted it to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. He made sure to take that time with me and he wanted it to be exactly perfect for me, so that was really cool.

What Was the Process Like?

He went over everything step by step, what he planned to do and how he felt like the procedure should go. But all along the way he talked to me and made sure I was comfortable with it. He asked me if I had any questions or anything like that.

What Did You Think of the Team?

Then, his team is just amazing. The girls make you feel so comfortable and his reception area. Everything from start to finish made you feel like you were the only one here, so that was cool. They took you in and did several rounds of x-rays, and their x-ray machine is so top notch. That was really helpful to me because I could actually visualize it on my own self, besides looking at the pictures, so that helped a ton. I was a little bit nervous at first but everyone just put you at ease. They’re like “let us know if you’re having any pain.” They deadened all the areas and it was my two front teeth and I don’t want this messed up, I want to take care of it the best way I can and I want it to last. I want something that’s going to be with me hopefully the rest of my life. They treat you as they would their own families. To me, that speaks volumes, you don’t find that in every professional place you walk into. I’m just so happy. Every morning when I get up I’m just like “yes, I finally got my smile back that I’ve been looking for.” It’s been really awesome.