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Linda Fort Wayne, IN

Linda's Story

LindaLinda Shares Her Experience with Dental Implants

What Brought You into the Fort Wayne Center?

I started coming to Dr. Lugakingira about three years ago. I ended up with my tooth, I was just biting on a fingernail, actually broke off in the front. I ended up seeing my dentist who felt he could handle it, it was a simple procedure, so he did an implant.

Linda Fort Wayne, IN

But, within a week’s time period found it was actually misplaced; the post was sticking out of the bone. At that point, I had an appointment with Dr. Lugakingira anyway, so I gave him a call, came in and he did an x-ray and confirmed the implant wasn’t sitting where it was supposed to be.

What Brought You into the Fort Wayne Center?

What Treatments Were Included?

He ended up doing the first surgery. He removed the implant and replaced it with another. That seemed to go fine for a while. But I had so much recession in the front part, he had to go back in and remove the implant again and put in another one because it had become infected. Dr. Lugakingira again ended up taking me back to surgery, this is a three-year haul here, and ended up replacing it again.

What Has Been the Outcome Of Your Surgeries?

I see patients so smiling is very important. If you lose your front upper tooth, it’s really embarrassing. It was frustrating, but got a great smile. My patients like it and don’t seem to know that now I have a bridge in there because they couldn’t do an implant the third time around, but I was done. No more surgeries. I have just felt so confident in them because they were really trying to fix a problem that they didn’t cause in the first place. Even eating was difficult. You can’t eat a steak or bite into a sandwich because you might lose that partial or that temporary that you have.

Tell Us About the Technology Used at the Office.

Their equipment is the very latest technology. Their CT scanner, even I can read the mistake that was made the first time around. The fact that they can sedate you to do the oral surgery in the office, you don’t have to go to the hospital to have it done. It’s convenient. Any time somebody puts you to sleep there’s that fear factor that you might not wake up, but that’s one thing after three surgeries that’s never been a fear, that there’s going to be a problem.

What Advice Do You Have for Anyone Needing a Dental Implant?

If you’re going to have a procedure done, such as an implant, you want to make sure that you’re in good hands and that the person is very capable of doing it. Some of these things take a lot more knowledge, a lot more technology, because part of the problem we had with the first one is when it was misplaced, he didn’t have the right equipment. So seeing a specialist, an oral surgeon like Dr. Lugakingira and his team is probably the wise thing to do. You know, you really need to see a specialist who has the right equipment to line it up so that the first time it’s done right.

Would You Recommend Dr. Lugakingira?

I would recommend anyone, my family, my friends, if they need any work at least get a second opinion from him before you do anything.