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Lindsey Fort Wayne, IN

Lindsey's Story

LindseyLindsey Shares Her Experience with Biopsy

What Sets the Office Apart?

Where I came from before the staff was not friendly, the doctor wasn’t friendly, the bedside manner was horrible. I came here and when I walked in the front door they were all so helpful and smiley and really wanted to help me.

Lindsey Fort Wayne, IN

First it was my dentist for the issue, then went tp Dr. Bailey. They then referred me to an ENT doctor who found I did have a tumor on my thyroid that was causing the browns tumor in my jaw. It was because of the doctors and everything he’s done, and talking to other doctors about me that I haven’t even met. I didn’t even talk to the doctor in Indianapolis that he talked to about me. But he reached out to him on his own time to figure me out.

How Have the Doctors Helped You?

I’ve been through the ringer this year and I finally feel like meeting the doctors here was perfect because he legitimately cares about me as a person, like this tumor was related to the one in my mouth, and he was able to finally pinpoint where it was coming from and what was causing it.

What Was Your Biopsy Experience Like?

He’s done three biopsies on me so far, and he’s put me to sleep every time, thankfully, so I’ve had no pain. The recovery time, compared to the first biopsy with the other doctor, there’s no comparison. I was back at it a week after my biopsy, I felt very good.

What Have Your Follow-Up Visits Been Like?

About every time I come here I have to have a CT done to look at the area and see if it’s improving or getting worse. It was amazing to see because it’s 4D so he can see everything, which is great and he explains things so perfectly. He shows me on the big screen this is the problem, this is what it looks like, this is improving, this isn’t improving, this is what we need to do to help you. He’s been very mindful of me and my smile and wanting to keep it looking good.

Are You Happy You Visited Dr. Fort Wayne Oral Surgery?

I literally would drive across the country to see the doctors here. I have an hour drive to come to his office and I would do it 10 times over, because he’s that great.