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Mike Fort Wayne, IN

Mike's Story

MikeMike Shares His Experience with Jaw Surgery

How Were You Introduced to Dr. Luga?

When I first came here it was because I got braces. My mom and dad said, “we should have gotten these for you when you were a kid, but we’ll get them for you now.”

Mike Fort Wayne, IN
I went to the orthodontist and that guy was like, “you need to go see this guy over here, we can’t really fix your mouth with braces, completely.” So, they sent me to Dr. Luga.

What is Orthognathic Surgery?

My jaw, if I touched my teeth together in the back there was enough space in the front that I could stick my tongue out. Orthognathic surgery is when they took my jaw and they cut the upper jaw off, they dropped it down, they shaved it off, they split it into thirds, they pulled it out, then they splinted it. Then they cut my lower jaw, pulled it out and they aligned it with the split they had on my upper jaw. So everything got pulled 10 millimeters forward.

How Did the Surgery Improve Your Quality of Life?

It opened up the space in the back of my throat which got rid of my sleep apnea. I was never really able to breathe out of my nose and now I can. I’m always impressed when I’m sitting there going “hey my mouth is shut and I’m breathing through my nose;” I went 30 plus years and was never able to. I used to have to take my CPAP sleep apnea machine everywhere I went. I’d wake up and not feel good because I didn’t breathe very well during the night. Now, I don’t really worry about it, I just go do whatever.

What was the Office Like?

I’m a weird guy, I like going to the dentist, I don’t have issues. But going there, the environment was great. I don’t have that issue where I feel like I’m going to pass out driving down the road. I think that’s a plus for health.

Are You Happy with Your Experience at the Fort Wayne Center?

It took me a while to trust my new bite, and now I’ve gotten to the point where it’s normal now. I’m super happy that my orthodontist sent me to Dr. Luga. I can’t imagine going through it with another doctor, truthfully.