Fort Wayne Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Implant Center

Ron Fort Wayne, IN

Ron's Story

RonRon Shares His Experience with Dental Implants

Why Did You Visit the Fort Wayne Center?

When I was in my 20s I had orthodontia and I think they moved them too fast so I had the osteoclast but not the osteoblast to build up on the other side. So I had a lot of loose molars in my mouth and a lot of teeth that were loose. So my doctor recommended that I come see Dr. Lugakingira for implants and for bridge work and crown work, and a dental plan.

Ron Fort Wayne, IN
I knew I didn’t want them pulled, I knew I didn’t want dentures so I wanted to go that route; implants seemed to be the way to go. I did check it out and knew he was qualified to operate in the hospital and also onsite, so that made me feel more at ease with the sedation. The financial planner walked me through what would need to be paid and wrote me out a financial plan, and told me how I could pay it, and worked with me on that and I really appreciate it.

How Would You Describe Your Overall Experience?

When I had some teeth pulled I did have some bone loss so I needed some bone augmentation to have more bone for when I had the implant done. They used nitrous oxide and I just really enjoyed the experience because when I came out of sedation it was like I wasn’t even operated on. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had after a surgery, it was great, it was a good experience.

Did You Like the Staff?

You could just tell he hired good people, good, caring people. From what I’ve seen and what I hear it’s a total joy just to have the mouth that I have.