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Sead Fort Wayne, IN

Sead's Story

SeadSead Shares His Experience with Oral Surgery

What Issue Lead You to the Fort Wayne Center?

Well I have an issue with my teeth, like mobility, from 25 years ago in the war I lost some teeth. I talked to my doctor in the office and he told me he can do something but Dr. Lugakingira has to be involved.

Sead Fort Wayne, IN
So he sent me to him and he had to remove all of my teeth, whatever’s left of it, 27 of them. The same day he installed healthy implants and did surgery on my sinuses and did bone grafting. All the stuff from the first point was about eight and a half hours.

Have the Procedures Changed Any Aspect of Your Life?

It’s changed my life a lot. When you have a full mouth of teeth and they don’t work well, that’s what happened with me. They get mobility over the years and they move. You have to watch what you’re eating, how you’re going to eat it, how you’re chewing and all of that stuff. They did several tests to make sure they can do it. It’s not like, “oh you come here and we’ll get your money and install your implants and get out of here, good luck in the world.” They checked me out first to make sure how my body was going to take it.

What Do You Look for When Choosing a Doctor?

When I’m looking for a doctor I’m looking for the top one. It’s the same thing when I’m buying car insurance, I’m trying to buy the best one, I don’t want to have an issue tomorrow. Especially for your health, you have to find whatever is best for it.

What Things Do You Want Other Potential Patients to Know?

Everything timewise was correct. It’s not like you take off a day to have a surgery and they call you that morning and say “ok, we have to move you to the next day” or something. So that’s number one. A lot of people are working and they can’t get off every day they want. Second, it’s affordable. You can actually sit with Dr. Luga and talk with him about what’s the best you can do for me and all that stuff. He can put everything together and he will help you out.

Was Personalized Care a Reason You Chose Fort Wayne Center?

There’s no other option than to do implants and to do nice crowns. It’s going to take longer but it’s safer for me. They care. They call me all the time. “I want to see how everything is going, is everything still in place? Is your bone ok?” and all of that stuff. After their job they still treat you, that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be that they forget about you. We’ve become friends. He takes personal care of his patients. Yes, that’s why I came to this practice.