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Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. LugakingiraBenefits of Sedation Dentistry

Fear or anxiety associated with dental visits is common among many people, affecting nearly 40 million Americans. Avoiding the dentist due to fear will negatively impact your oral health. Routine oral health care can prevent more serious conditions from arising, such as gum disease. Dr. Mulokozi Lugakingira understands that more complex oral surgery procedures can cause more severe anxiety. Both of our doctors are trained in I.V. sedation dentistry, in addition to our other sedation dentistry options, to ensure your experiences at our office are calming and help you receive the oral health care you need for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Enjoy Relaxing Appointments

Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

Our sedation dentistry options allow us to provide you with the care you need. When you are calm and relaxed during your surgery, we are more quickly able to treat all your problems in one appointment. No matter your level of anxiety, we are here to help you relax and enjoy your experiences with us. Our doctors will assess your needs and provide you with the appropriate sedation dentistry option for your appointment.

Oral Sedation +

Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

A sedative in pill form for patients with moderate dental anxiety. This pill is taken an hour prior to your appointment and puts you in a relaxed state. You typically have minimal recollection of the appointment or procedure.

Nitrous Oxide +

Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

A clear, odorless gas, more commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” that keeps you in a relaxed and euphoric state during the appointment. This option is ideal for patients with minor anxiety and has no aftereffects.

I.V. Sedation +

Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

A sedative that is administered through a vein that helps you feel like you “slept” through a procedure. This option is for patients with severe dental anxiety and is generally used for more complex procedures and surgeries.

Local Anesthetic +

Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

A numbing option that removes much of your feeling from a targeted site to be treated, specifically the gums and teeth. This option is often used in conjunction with another form of sedation dentistry for a pain-free, relaxed procedure.

Comfortable, Safe Treatment

Sedation Dentistry Fort Wayne, IN

Our patients who have chosen to receive sedation dentistry report having better and more calming dental experiences as well as improved oral health that comes with proper care and treatment. We are concerned with making sure you feel completely comfortable and safe during every appointment and surgery with us. Our doctors are certified in I.V. sedation dentistry and excited to provide you with the high-quality care your oral health deserves!

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